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For those of you who have been reading these blog entries since the beginning, we are approaching an important date.

Good morning, Chongqing!

In organized sports, the process to determine the champion for the season usually involves some kind of tournament or series of playoff games. The concept is: you must continue to win or you will be eliminated and sent home. For example, in the sport of professional golf, a three-day or four-day tournament is common. All the participants go out and play their best. But, at the end of the second day, only half are allowed to play on the third day. In golf terms, these players have “made the cut”; the rest go home. Similarly, many of us watched the recent World Cup games in Moscow. At each level, some teams were eliminated from the competition and went home. Only the winners persisted and continued.

I recently learned a rather startling fact. For blogs, the average lifespan is about two months. That’s right; after only two months, half of all blogs have stopped publishing new content. After two months, they have quit. They didn’t “make the cut.”

But how can anyone expect to be successful after only two months? (This says nothing about the quality of the content. Already, I can look back at some of my earliest posts… and cringe.) This issue is about merely still being alive and publishing.

Imagine a university student quitting school and going home after only two months of their freshman year. What would they tell their friends and family? “Too difficult. Too many things I didn’t understand. No successes.” That sounds like a silly example but that is exactly what half of all bloggers do; they quit within the first two months.

So, dear readers, we are approaching an important date, the two month anniversary of this blog. I hadn’t realized it was such a special time but, apparently, congratulations are in order.

I have three people to thank:

1) Thanks to my wonderful and resourceful assistant, Sonia, for taking the articles I write each week and publishing them on the blog site. Sonia is also the person who prods me to get each new article ready in a timely manner so you the readers can expect to see new material each week.

2) Thanks to you, the readers and commenters who encourage me by visiting the blog and participating by leaving comments. By reading and commenting, you make this blog your blog, your community. Stay tuned. We will get better. Everything is still new. This is our on-the-job training phase.

3) I want to thank the person who said, “98% of success is just showing up every day”. It is impossible to underestimate the value of persistence in any serious endeavor.

So, dear readers, as we approach the two month anniversary (August 9) of this blog, I want you to join with me in a very modest celebration. This week, the blog will be two months old – and we are still here. We have “made the cut”.

What about you? I want this blog to be home to a community of individuals who share common interests. What can make this blog better or more valuable to you? Leave comments below or you can email me directly: randy@randy-green.com.

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