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As promised in my last post, I am delighted to give you a chance to offer your opinions about book covers for my book, Chester the Messer, about my son’s adventures in CQ. We hope to self-publish it in Amazon’s KDP system in the coming days.

This is Chester.

Karen has designed two very different book covers. Please look at them and use the comments section to tell us which one you prefer and why you chose it. We welcome your suggestions for changes to these two covers or for new cover designs.

As you look at these two covers, please remember that Chester the Messer is a children’s book so I expect the average reader will be 5-10 years old. That is the target market. I also expect most of the readers will be American children since the book will be in Amazon’s Kindle book store. These are all assumptions. Reality may be quite different.

However, the book will be purchased by the parents so the cover must be interesting and attractive to adults as well as children. Remember also that many Amazon customers will be seeing the cover on their phone so the image will be very small. It is important that they be able to read the title even if the image is small.

This is your opportunity to participate in the self-publishing process. Thanks very much for taking the time to look and comment. We will let you know the outcome of the survey.


3 thoughts on “ASKING FOR YOUR HELP

  1. Even on a computer screen the drawings/pictures of both covers are unseen. I agree, that the darker lettering is more readable. I suppose it’s impossible to do it, but if you could use a script for the title which is less like block-letter oriented and more like the script that a child might write, it might be more attractive to parents/children.

    1. Hi Ellen. Thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks for voting. Be sure to check back in a few days to see the survey results.

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