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China Bound

If you’re Randy Green, you leave your American roots behind and rebuild life, step by step, in China. On the way, you’ll discover that to relocate, rebuild, and reinvent your life takes courage, acceptance, and a gradual attitude shift.
After 15 years of surviving and thriving in China, Randy Green writes about his experiences and reflections as a waiguoren (foreigner).  【…】
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Chester the Messer

What do you do when you are a young American boy living in another country? You make new friends and play and explore! Chester lives in China. His life is part Chinese, part American, and lots of fun. Chester, his American daddy, and his Chinese mommy live in a very large, beautiful city, Chongqing, and invite you to see it through their eyes. 【…】
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It’s That Simple

You look at an innocent young child and visualize their wonderful potential for a happy, successful adulthood. Every parent wants to give their child the best tools for navigating through modern life and, especially, avoiding some of the mistakes of their parents.【…】 Find out more

Chinese Road Trip

You are an American teacher at a university in Zhengzhou (pronounced “Jung Joe”), Henan province in mainland China. You are on your summer break; you have free time. It’s August, and it’s hot and humid on your campus. So what do you do? How about a two-day adventure away from the crowds and noise of the big city, away from the busy campus life of a foreign teacher. 【…】 Find out more

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