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For international readers, allow me to explain: I am an American but I have lived in China since 2004. My city of Chongqing, often abbreviated as CQ, is pronounced Chong Ching to rhyme with Wrong Ring. CQ is a megacity of 30 million people in south-central China, on the Yangtze River. I’ve come a long, long way – 13 time zones to be exact – from my original hometown of Rolla in south-central Missouri, on the Little Dry Fork creek. Depending on how loosely you define “city”, one could argue that CQ is the world’s largest city. In my quest for a simple life, I write this drivel from my 18th-Floor homestead.

Happy New Year! Again, for international readers, let me explain that February 12 is Chinese New Year’s Day this year. (Like Easter Sunday, the actual date changes each year.) One of the benefits of being an American expat living in China is that I get to enjoy two complete sets of holidays (American and Chinese) each year – although that double joy can get a little exhausting at times.

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To commemorate the Spring Festival holiday period, I compiled a list of my blog posts published last year. 2020 was quite a ride! We are all hoping for a less exciting year in 2021.

You can read any of the articles by entering their title in the blog home page’s search box. Comments are still invited. One of the greatest benefits – and hazards – of our modern era is that anything digital becomes both public and permanent.

In the order of publication, here they are…

  • A New Decade of Opportunities
  • Surviving Your Daily Chaos
  • Uncrazy Your Life #1: Work With Your Hands
  • Uncrazy Your Life #2: Keeping Score
  • Uncrazy Your Life Part 3, Get a Wall Calendar
  • Uncrazy Your Life Part 4, Go Fishing
  • Uncrazy Your Life Part 5, Better Thinking, More Acting
  • Prison Break
  • A Westerner Sends An Eyewitness Report from Covid-19 Ground Zero in China.
  • Good, Natural Sleep
  • Aftermath: After the Covid-19 Pandemic, What Comes Next?
  • So, What’s Wrong With Me?
  • Look for the Silver Lining
  • What Would Seneca Do? Prioritizing After the Pandemic
  • 1930s All Over Again, But Different
  • AI to the Rescue
  • Self-Sufficiency: An Antidote to the Immediate Gratification Lifestyle
  • Reinventing Means Rethinking
  • The Low-Information, Low-Communications Diet Revisited
  • Who Is Stopping You From Achieving Your Dream?
  • Wise Words from a Roman Emperor
  • Should I Tell My Son About the Ticks and Chiggers?
  • Pandemic Reality Check #1
  • Pandemic Reality Check #2
  • Pandemic Reality Check #3
  • Has The Pandemic Changed Your Ideas About The Good Life? It Should Have.
  • Diaries, Journals, Logs, and Blogs – Time Capsules of Our Past Beliefs.
  • Another Case of Déjà Vu.
  • Mid-August Already? What Happened?
  • Singin’ Them Old Reinstalling Blues
  • I Wanna Go On A Picnic!
  • The Chair; Reinventing Begins with Rethinking
  • A New Life – 30 Days At A Time
  • Living Your Life 100, Days at a Time
  • A Tale of Two Brothers
  • The Joy of Puttering
  • Enough Baby Steps Complete A Journey
  • Old-Think vs. New-Think
  • When Is It Time To Quit?
  • The Blind Spots in Our Lives
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Author: Randy Green

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